Sevenoaks Vine Cricket Club

One of the world’s oldest cricket grounds was donated to Sevenoaks by John Frederick Sackville, 3rd Duke of Dorset and owner of Knole House nearby. Check out this information.

For much of its 18th-century existence it became a highly prized venue, hosting top-class matches – Richard Miller hit 95 runs against Hampshire team in 1774 while three years later James Aylward hit 167 against England team!

In the 19th century, this ground was used by various teams from Kent – such as Sevenoaks Vine – for both amateur and professional cricket matches. 

Later it hosted various minor Counties Championship and Women’s County Cricket tournaments during the 20th century; however no first-class matches have taken place here since 1829.


This ground was established in 1734 and is recognized for being one of England’s oldest cricket grounds, with evidence dating its first use back to 6 September 1734. 

Additionally, this was one of the first grounds in England with three-stump wickets rather than just two, and saw one of the inaugural First Class Cricket matches between Hampshire sides and Kent teams organised by Lord Sackville – in 1734!

Sevenoaks Town Council owns and manages this facility which plays host to Sevenoaks Vine Cricket Club, Sevenoaks Hockey Club, as well as numerous teams from around the town’s community. It can be found to the north of town centre near A225 Dartford Road.

Playing and Training 

The Vine Cricket Club Grounds are a popular location for members and non-playing people of local clubs to train and compete on, as well as those looking for a casual viewing of matches on the ground. There is also an attached pavilion housing cafes and bars as well as ample car parking space.


Vine Cricket Club boasts an array of facilities for members and the general public alike to use, from changing rooms to showers. Recently installed features include a new scoreboard as well as lighting in their pavilion.

Competitions and Events Our club is part of the Kent Premier League, featuring 50-over matches between May and September. Additionally, midweek T20 knockouts as well as Sevenoaks Smash are planned.

The Vine Ground was one of England’s first cricket grounds and is considered to be one of the oldest in the world. It was given to the town of Sevenoaks in 1773 by John Frederick Sackville, 3rd Duke of Dorset.

In the 18th century, top class matches were played on the ground. The first record century was scored at The Vine in 1769, when professional gardener John Minshull hammered 107 runs against Wrotham.

Senior Coaching

To bring back energy and excitement into our senior side, Michael Barber, 31-years old from Kent Cricket Pathway as Senior Development Coach. In addition, he holds an English Cricket Board Level Three Advanced Performance Coach certificate as well as working closely with local schools as a junior development coach.

He has built up a good reputation and many of his coaches have been involved with the coaching pathway themselves in their younger years, and this is something they continue to do now too!

In the past he has led several teams to county league success, including Ealing Cricket Club and Sevenoaks Vine. He has also been a successful coach in New Zealand, where he has gained valuable experience with junior and representative teams as well as being a fast bowling consultant for cricket clubs.

Restructuring the Club

For several months now, the club has been undertaking a restructuring process of its senior section and looks forward to getting back into action this summer. Barber served as a player at the club from 2005 until 2015 and believes this winter period gave them time to assess what changes need to be made moving forward.

One of the oldest cricket grounds in England, Sevenoaks Vine was given to Sevenoaks by John Frederick Sackville, 3rd Duke of Dorset, in 1773. The ground became a famous venue for top-class cricket in the 18th century. 

Two records were established on the ground – Richard Miller scored 95 in an England versus Hampshire match at the Vine in 1774, and James Aylward made a record 167 for a Hampshire side against All-England at the same ground in 1777.

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